sedum in bloom

Red faced, humiliated Sedum

Today I love the Sedum’s embarrassment as it finds once again that it has slept lazily through the summer and has come late to the party, blooming finally while most of the other flowers are cleaning up and going home to their earthen beds. I love that when its buds arrived last week they were a pale grey frosted green and now those tardy plants are blushing bright with shame. I love how lush they are, fresh from lying about all summer and taking in all the moisture they can in this rain soaked year. I love how strong and stately they hold themselves even as they blush their perfect shades of warm pastel magenta.

Today I love that friends I’ve never met have survived the storm in Florida and have checked in to assure me and others of their safety. I love hearing from Caitlin who started this whole Today I love thing and I love discovering that even through the storm she never missed a day of itemizing what she loved. I love how good she is at finding the brightest lights in the darkest moments. I love that her family survived and that they have started cleanup already. I love that a mutual friend of ours, Alisha, has also survived well and is also still online. I love reading notifications on social media of offers of help, people offering water to others and work and warmth and charging power for phones and even transportation. I love that there was a post that was offering an airplane ticket out for someone, anyone who could use it. I love that people find more humanity in tragedy than in good times, because there is always tragedy coming, and lately it seems like it is far more likely to keep coming.

Today I love how easily I’ve accepted my new truck, even though I feel heartsick over my old one. I love that I may have found a cap for it, all I need is some help going to get it. I love planning to eat on the road if I can gather a crew to go look at this cap. I love resigning myself to experiences and letting go of anxiety so that I can enjoy what comes in the fullest and to the best of my abilities. I love bread pudding. I love anticipation because it is an adventure of its own creation. I love when I am accidentally witty and I really love when I am actually witty on purpose.

Today I love sipping coffee in the backyard as I wander around past the abashed and sheepish Sedum, as I get ready to start my day.