lawn, bench, flowers

Listening to the grass growing …

Today I love the blossoming weekend that blooms from Friday’s bud. I love that there is so much to do to get ready for this weekend but I am up for it. I love that tomorrow night I will be MCing the Crystal Shawanda show at Saugeen First Nations’ James Mason Centre, ’cause that’s going to be one rollicking and rocking great show. I love the many things I do in my life, but being on stage and doing my best there is at the very top of the list of things I enjoy. I love that I figured out, at least partially, the feeling that others have when they go on stage and are shaking and nervous, it seems to be similar to the feeling I get when I am about to start in a dragon boat race of some other type of challenge like that. I love that this gives me the opportunity to empathize with people, I may not feel that nervousness before going out on stage, but I know that feeling of being unsure from other things. I love being able to comfort people when they feel that way, especially if part of the comfort I am offering is my confidence.

Today I love that this afternoon will be another great open mic opportunity at the good old Bleeding Carrot downtown here and I am looking forward to that, no matter how it turns out, ’cause if my performers list is packed I’ll get to hear lots of stuff, and if it isn’t I’ll get to play lots of music. I love that I can load gear into the back of my truck now and lock it up, I love that it will be secure and I can go about my business knowing it is safe. I love that the debate in my head over whether to paint the cap charcoal to match the truck or leave it white is a long way from over, but there is a definite lean toward leaving it white. I love that my weekend will include relaxing by the lawn that’s already been cut, and enjoying the sound of the grass growing in between the noises of the crickets playing their fiddles.

Today I love toothpaste on sale. I love fried potatoes and eggs for lunch. I love tools that work and are where they’re supposed to be when I need them. I love chocolate covered raisins sold to me at my front door by a precocious young lady that hasn’t quite grown to be three feet tall yet. I love chocolate covered raisins, and almonds, and dried ginger. I love bread. I love cold beer now that there are several brands of non-alcoholic beer that are quite tasty.

Today I love drinking coffee while the crickets play and the grass grows around them.