Sapphire bow

Today I love sunlight through rain. I love that I stood in the rain this morning, staring at the rainbow to the west while the sun, newly risen, shone warmly on my back from the east. I love days that offer all the treasures they have to give us and dare us to take them all in at once without bursting from the magnitude and breadth of the wonder of it all. I love that this week is so full of stuff that it should be taking forever to get through it, and yet it is racing by like a mad and crazed Christmas shopper suddenly realizing that Christmas is tomorrow and his family is twice the size he thought it was … but let’s not think of that yet, m’kay? Good idea. I love how quickly kids going back to school becomes the norm. I love how things that are normal just find their way back into our lives and settle in softly after we take a break from them. I love that September is one of those things, gently slipping in to bed with us and pressing her cold feet against our calves for us to warm up, or at least get used to.

Today I love that I am swamped with things to do because I love being swamped and busy. I love that I’ve taken on a month of extra writing for a local business person’s blog, and that month may stretch out if I’m good enough at it. 😉 I love that I’m going to find a truck cap for the new truck soon or I’m going to break down and buy an enclosed trailer, either way, the snowblower will be road ready and so will I by the time winter sets in. I love that I have found that if I balance the things I have to do between cerebral (writing and IT and like that) and physical (handy-man and snow removal and general, all around guy with a truck sort of stuff) then I seem to be able to stay fairly healthy and my back seems to be okay with that.

Today I love fresh peaches in the oatmeal. I love the search for a good barbecue for the weekend place. I love finding unusual things to put in omelettes, and then making one that is pretty standard fare as a way of changing things up. I love finding video recordings of my music that I didn’t know existed on the Facebook. I love autumn flowers.

Today I love morning coffee drinking as I watch the sun turn the rain into sparkling diamonds that break the white light up into sapphire jewels that dress the sky in color.