sealable, spill proof, thermal coffe cup

A solution solution

Today I love solutions that fit situations so perfectly they feel like they were custom made. I love when a problem that has been bothering me finds its own solution, and I love when problems end up being solved with simpler solutions than they originally appeared to need. I love how Amazon lied to me, offering me one day shipping for a premium and two day shipping for free and when I took the free two day shipping (of course) they sent it to me in one day anyway. I love the dash mount I bought from Amazon for my phone, which has become my GPS over the last year or so. I love that I have purchased several things from them under twenty dollars each that seem like miraculous solutions to big problems and they all seem to have been worth it. I love that I had the sense to mount the phone holder far enough away that I have to reach pretty far to do anything to the phone and that should remind me to LEAVE THE PHONE ALONE! I love I am now in the market for a bluetooth hands free unit. I’m trying to decide between the geeky looking ear bud or the more subtle, yet less private visor clip speaker phone version.

Today I love that there is nothing planned for this evening and that is a rare and welcome treat. I love that we are usually so busy that having a free evening has become such a treat. I love that the things we usually do in the evenings all are so much fun. I love that it will only be a month and a bit before we are curling again. I love that choir started last Sunday. I love that I am as bouncy and chatty in choir as I have always been and that I am obviously not growing up any time soon and also that I am still welcome in choir.

Today I love sandwiches for lunch. I love that we bought a bread maker for $28 and it made a really huge loaf of bread last night. I love that, since my shoulders aren’t what they used to be and I can’t knead bread dough by hand without pain, I can still make bread. I love that I also bought a second hand toaster that still has that new toaster smell, so now I can have bread or toast.

Today I love drinking coffee from my sealable, spill proof, thermal coffee cup, which was the perfect solution to being me.