dark clouds, white clouds, blue sky

All the skies in one

Today I love trucks and trailers and hauling Summerfolk and building Summerfolk and doing good work and watching as this collection of random and pedestrian things once again becomes the greatest festival ever. I love that my old red Dodge managed to make it one more year, and though the time of its replacement is not far off (I know, I keep saying that), I’m happy we get to do this one more time together. I love that, even though I got a ticket for hauling a trailer with no plate on it, I didn’t get any other tickets and the police officer was very nice about the whole thing. I love that nearly everything we need is there at the park now and Summerfolk42 is going to happen. I love that I have done this often enough to know that every year it seems like it will not get done in time and every time, it all comes together, and, with a bit of kicking and hammering, it all falls into place.

Today I love that there was thunder and rain and sunny skies and scudding white clouds and at one time I looked up into the sky just as it started to rain and I saw all the different possible things I could have seen, all at once. I love that just as I reached for my camera, but before I could take a picture, the sky was lit with lightning, and just as I took a picture of that sky, thunder shattered the quietly sizzling sound of the falling rain. I love how wonderful it sometimes is to get caught in the rain, to resign ones self to it and just to stand there and let it wash over you.

Today I love Cowboy Steaks, though according to the ingredients there is no cowboy in them at all.  I love that I get to hold my head high while I do what I can for my community. I love breakfast at the market. I love kindling the fires that stoke the boilers that drive the pistons that turn the generators that make the power that turns on the lights and the sound and the arcing, sparking spirit of festival that happens every year at this time. I love that we are still eating random strawberries from our little hanging basket. I love how wonderful smelling clean laundry can be. I love how often in a day I find myself saying, “I love that.” as I point to something that I’ve seen with new eyes, and I vow that I’ll write about it, but I never remember what I loved, only that I loved.

Today I love drinking coffee while the sky displays every kind of weather and threatens to keep switching from one to the other.