Dark sky and water

Oh you moody water …

Today I love the watery weather that almost always comes with Summerfolk, though a year without rain for those two weeks would be a welcome change. I love the moody bay I live on. I love how it reflects the mood of the day, steel grey and flashing silver when it is a dark and rainy day, brilliant blue with cheerful white highlights when the weather is fair. I love how the bay seems to take its cue from the sky, not only reflecting the light there but also the mood. I love that the water around my home is deep and cool and is so often calm and yet we all know that it can become a terror when the weather whips it up and makes it dance the dance of anger and passion and outrage. I love my bay no matter its mood, no matter the season and I love that I live so close to it. I love that next month we are planning to spend a little bit of time right by the water, I am looking forward to that. I love that I’m planning to take all my cameras and take lots of pictures of the water in all her moods. I love that every small bay off of Georgian Bay has its own character.

Today I love that it is Tuesday and that means dragon boating tonight. I love that some of us are training and planning to join the Eugenia team for a race regatta and that’ll be fun. I love that I’m going to suffer when I race because I haven’t been paddling in over a month, so it will be fun to see how I do as a paddler when I’ve been on the helm for a few weeks. I love that some of my construction crew mates decided last Tuesday to crew with us on the boat and they said they had a good time. I love that some of them are going to try to get back out with us tonight. I love watching the crew from the back of the boat, feeling the rhythm of the surging hull as they all paddle in time. I loved that last week we had so many paddlers out and the boat felt so powerful. I love how well our little boat responds to her steering oar, though more paddlers make the helmsperson’s job a challenge.

Today I love honey on homemade bread and butter. I love lunch in the outdoors with a crew of good people. I love that we have a shiny, new trailer (well, it’s new to us) for Summerfolk storage and we’re calling it the “snit.” I love that there are three different butterfly bushes in the back yard, with three different colors of blooms. I love that the hummingbirds have found the scarlet runner blossoms and so now we have flowers and birds and we’ll have beans as well.

Today I love drinking coffee by the temperamental bay.