day lily


Today I love the music of the morning. I love that my tinnitus whistles a perfect “E” most of the time, ’cause if you have to have a form of tinnitus it’s nice to be able to tune your guitar with it. I love that after swimming this morning and getting water in my ear I can actually hear a drum beating in it every time I move my jaw, so there was a glorious rhythm section at playing tympani at breakfast this morning. I love going to the pool first thing in the morning, love that my big problem is trying to slow down when I swim because I wind myself after twenty five meters and have to stop to breath before going back, but I love that even with the lung damage that is present, I can swim fifty meters without needing to stop to recover if I just go slower. I love that my natural reaction to being in water is to go like crazy because that’s how I’ve always been in the water. I love that I float, that’s right, I’m buoyant. I can lie on my back on the surface and just rest if I have to, and if I want to sit on the bottom of the pool I have to work at staying down there. This is very conducive to survival and I love that. 😉

Today I love breakfast outside. I love that I’m on my way to the number-cruncher’s to try to get caught up on my income tax because it just feels like that time of year, doesn’t it? I love that I’ve been busy lately making things happen that should make my life better, and exercise has been a big part of that. I love changes, big and small, that are planned or that are jumped on when the opportunity arises. I love making life work smoothly. I love making life progress with joy. I love that that last sentence can be read two different ways, depending on whether you accept “life progress” as a compound noun or a noun/verb combination, though either way they are about the same in intention.

Today I love eggs over easy. I love that day lily’s petals are edible and tasty, but only the ones with the spiky leaves that come up from the ground, and I love that that means there’s even more food in our garden. I love how some people can entertain themselves by reading recipes, I also love reading recipes, but I can never read them for long without needing a snack.

Today I love drinking coffee in the car on the way to the pool in the early morning.