Roadside flowers

Autumnal harbinger

Today I love the golden sweetness of Summer as she finds her way into her third and final month of existence before resigning her post to Autumn and her rusty painted ways. I love that Summer is splashing dots of Autumn’s color here and there through the trees and along the road side. I love that we are once again on the road for a little jaunt through our lovely rural home area to find our way to the big city for another day’s adventures. I love how much that roadside flora has changed, decorated now with the wildflowers that wave the year’s rolling calendar on toward the end of the annual cycle that sees every day as a sign that every season is still yet to come. I love the rolling hills of the countryside near my home and the vistas they provide. I love that no mater how often I see a scene I almost always find some new thing about it to admire and enjoy. I love the wild mustard, the milkweed, I love trees with character, I love solitary looking farmsteads that appear to offer safe harbor and comfort. I love the look of brindle cows, calico cats, pinto horses, mongrel dogs, and shiny mourning doves.

Today I love that we are just three days away from September and that means big changes for us. I love that there is mystery in life, and I love that I am being mysterious. I love that new things are coming my way and one of those things that I am not being mysterious about is a new vehicle. I love that I was not going to settle and was determined to get exactly the thing I wanted and now I’ve changed my mind and am pondering a repeat of what I already have, though what I have is not going to last much longer, so a newer version of what I have.

I love little towns that speak of their pride and joy at being their own quaint selves. I love how easy it is to see the civic identity of such places, how they always make their character known and accept the quirkiness that makes them special. I love how pretty some houses are with their yards all manicured in easy fashion and their trim looked after. I love that some places talk about how pleasant they are to live in, but talk about it quietly and without words, just suggestions voiced in the way they present themselves.

Today I love sipping coffee as the “almost Autumn” flowers slide by in a soft, rushing blur.