Rhubarb snare drums

Today I love the gentle percussion of rain as it falls about the garden in its perfectly random yet perfectly equal pattern, blanketing the earth with the ability to give life anew to plants and animals alike. I love the quiet snare drum sounds of the rhubarb leaves, the tapping of the rain on the deck and table, the rattle of the water in the downspout, and the trickle of it as it rushes away from the foundation where it knows it is not wanted, as if it has made a mistake in falling where it did and is embarrassed so it must dash away quickly and hide in the lawn under the grass. I love that no matter where I am or in what manner it manifests itself, water is one of my trues loves. I love that I smell of chlorine from the pool this morning, and that I am swimming better than I was a few weeks ago. I love that water is life, because every where I find it is a place where I find comfort and peace and contentment. I love that my biggest fear is to die by drowning, yet that has never stopped me from plunging in or setting out on the water.

Today I love that last night we saw Steve Poltz and he was not disappointing which is good, because I had high expectations, having seen him before and having enjoyed his show immensely. I love that this town is full of great music and attracts great music and then the music that is here and the music that comes here somehow ends up in a fusion of stage presence and it just gets better and better all the time. I love that this town keeps music as its own possession but shares it willingly with the world, like a name that you let friends call you by, and after years you discover that you’ve let everyone call you that and realize that everyone is your friend. I love that that perfectly describes my very own city of sound, my Owen Sound.

Today I love that there were a bunch of really great leftovers from the barbecue last night and they ended up in an omelette this morning after swimming and that omelette was almost more of a frittata. I love that the little strawberry plant continues to bring forth the bounty of its charge, and little pearls of crimson red are found hanging from its trailing tendrils every day. I love that there are a surprising number of acorn squash on our one plant and I am really looking forward to eating those. I love garden grown squash, it always tastes so good and the sweetness of knowing we grew it ourselves is the best seasoning of all.

Today I love drinking coffee in my easy chair while I write and the gentle rain keeps time to my tap-tap-tapping of the keyboard.