geranium looking out window

No, you can’t go out to play with your friends …

Today I love swimming in the early morning instead of walking because it’s much less like work and much more like play, simply because it reminds me of my childhood. I love that I have a new silicone swim cap that has my beloved maple leaf on it. I love that there is a plan afoot to get me a center snorkel for doing lengths and that I am secretly planing on getting a side snorkel and mask for swimming in the bay, but that’s a secret, so don’t tell anyone, ‘kay? Thanks. I love that my old goggles still seem to be usable, and I love swimming with goggles and contacts because it is amazing how well I can see under water with vision remediation and a little bit of air between my eyes and the water I’m in. I love that I grew up in and on the water and intend to continue to be that way. I love that even though I’m sensitive to chlorine I seem to be a lot better with goggles on and that is a real treat for me. I love that I have a membership and that I’m feeling guilty enough about not using it enough last month that I have instigated a plan to get back there early next week so, hey, look at me, going twice this month and the first seven days aren’t even over with yet.

Today I love that there is a little bit of work to do on a job at a house where some very nice people live and it shouldn’t take long and it will earn me enough money to get myself a couple of cups of coffee somewhere. I love that there is open mic tonight and then the downtown is open late because it’s the first Friday of the month of August so they’re doing the Fifties First Friday thing. I love that this town loves to party. I love that the main street will be full of vintage cars and some vintage people but also some less than vintage people as well. I love knowing there are people who are planning to come to the open mic and they are some of my favorite people, musicians. I love that some of my other favorite people, poets, may also come by.

Today I love that the flowers in the yard are pretty amazing as they come and go, bloom and then droop and finally drop to the ground. I love that the geranium in the house has bloomed again and that it looks for all the world like a sick child that has been quarantined as it looks out the window at its friends playing in the yard.

Today I love drinking coffee in the breakfast nook with the sad little geranium, just to keep it company.