book coffee porch

Rain read coffee good day, yes!

Today I love reading. I love that grey, damp days like today were actually created for the sole purpose of reading great stories. I love how wonderful it feels to put on a sweatshirt or sweater (or jumper as my friends in England would say) when, suddenly in the middle of summer we experience a couple of cool days. I love that yesterday was such a perfect day, not swelteringly hot and yet, not chilly or cold here in the paradise of my home counties. I love getting to hear my friends play their wonderful music and I’d be lying by omission if I didn’t say I love it when they sing the song I wrote that they recorded and I love when they announce that I’m there in the audience when I am. I love music so much, theirs and mine and so many other people’s as well. I love that my friend Shawna Caspi is coming back to this area to do a show in Desboro and that she has promised to sing my favorite Shawna Caspi song. I love that her music, much like other’s, is full of songs that I always think of as my favorite, each time one starts to play at a show or on my CD player. I love that I do still have a CD player and that I still do use it.

Today I love that we had plans to go swim at the pool at the rec center but the pool is closed ’til this afternoon so that is off. I love that I planned on cutting the grass today but it’s raining out so that is off. I love that I’m still on holidays this week, so after I get my work done for the day, I’m at loose ends. I love that I am able to “take holidays” even though I work right through them because I’ve discovered that holidays are just a matter of attitude and timing and a willingness to expend all kinds of energy doing everything I need to and everything I want to do.

Today I love quiet moments. I love the front porch when it’s drizzling out. I love the hissing of cars on wet summer streets, how did the world suddenly become even more beautiful? I love that day in June when you suddenly realize that summer has come and you get that feeling of summer freedom that stays with you until September gently takes it away and promises that you can have it back when fall and winter and spring are done strengthening you with another trip round the sun.

Today I love the bitter, edgy, full and dark taste of coffee as it picks me up and stands me straight and points me toward the day ahead and then, with a little shove, gets me started taking care of things, but invites me back for a couple of recharges as this day goes from good to great.