dragon boat

Happy boat

Today I love opportunities to enjoy life. I love chances to go places and experience things, even if some of those things are blood tests. I love knowing that my health is important to some people. I love being busy, though I was hoping for a more holiday kind of busy today. I love planning things so that everything has a chance to work out the best way it could. I love that that rarely happens, but there’s almost always good in the way things work out. I love coffee in bed in the morning. I love spontaneous activities that involve road trips on my motorcycle, even if they’re short ones. I love quick jobs that involve tools, especially if I have the tools. I love jobs that give me an excuse to buy a new tool. I love jobs that teach me things I didn’t know before. I love that I have an open mind and heart and will accept anyone in my life who is willing to accept me as I am. I love that I will not be someone else for anyone. I love that those who know me best are okay with that.

Today I love that it is Tuesday and that means Dragon Boating. I love that the water is one of my favorite things. I love that I have always felt a relationship with every boat I’ve been on, I love that a boat is both a guardian and a responsibility. I love that if you take care of a boat it will look after you to the best of its ability. I love that the forecast looks great for tonight’s paddle. I love that there are more people coming out. I love that this forty foot boat feels so happy when it is out on the water, that it answers the helm so well, that it will turn smoothly when that is needed, that even in side-wash it sits pretty stable, and that it seems to know what is needed of it.

Today I love making pies which is good because I’m going to make one or two later on today or possibly tomorrow. I love when people celebrate a friend’s achievements with a gathering. I love eggs fried anyway you care to fry them, thank you very much, and toast with honey. I love when people work together to achieve a goal of common interest. I love that I’ve been part of that a few times recently and I love that working together with people almost always feels as good as succeeding at what’s being worked on.

Today I love drinking coffee while I write about the loves in my life.