pinapple pie

Almost time to make more pie

Today I love old movies. I love black and whites and all the early colored movies from the golden age of film. I love watching movies on a Saturday afternoon. I love lazy pie eating on the couch in front of the TV. I love the way this day has managed to start out slow and get slower. I love that the bustle of the market seemed to slow and warm and glow as we passed through. I love the way the day started out with sweet gentle rain and soft cool breezes that wafted through the morning window and promised a day of happiness that was delivered as the clouds parted and the sun broke through. I love that if there had been no sun I would still have loved this day and its lazy ways. I love that there are plans for this afternoon and evening and all of them sound great. I love that we haven’t decided which ones to pursue as yet, but even if we just stay home and watch another movie, we can’t lose. I love Saturdays and their decidedly easy going dispositions, adventurous, rambunctious days that they are.

Today I love that this past week has been a great one, I got to work and yet we were on holidays much of the time. I love how much we accomplished, golf and swimming and dinner out and paddling and road trips and visiting friends out of town and pie with friends here in town and music. I love that we’ve been thinking about hiking and a few other things for next week along with doing as many of the usual distractions we engage in. I love that I’ve been making pies lately and causing me to want to make more, bad habits are hard to break, good ones are even harder.

Today I love that there is acorn squash and zucchini squash and tomatoes and peas and peppers and strawberries and rhubarb and beans and herbs of several types growing in the back yard plots. I love that we have developed a rather loyal liking for Syrian food. I love random friend interactions, the people I bump into on the street that I haven’t seen for a while is always a source of delight. I love the line, “I have nothing but the highest regard for your nerves, Mrs. Bennet, they have been my constant companion these twenty years.” and how it seems to make it into every version of Pride and Prejudice.

Today I love drinking coffee and thinking about pies to be baked.