rainy deck

Coffee sipping weather

Today I love my old pink shirt that started out as fuchsia and has faded into a warm and comfortable pastel red. I love its ragged edges and the hemmed cuffs where the original cuffs got so worn and torn that they had to be cut and rolled and repaired. I love that even the stains on it are so faded they are hard to find. I love that I can wear it when it’s warm or when it’s cold and it almost always is exactly what I need for almost any weather. I love that I have worn it in every month of the year for more than twenty years and I still have it. I love how when I put it on it’s so comfortable that I forget I’m wearing it other than the fact that I’m so comfortable in it. I love that it is a quiet and permanent part of my life, like the few things I have that remind me of my past and stay with me. I love my grandmother’s ring that lives on my little finger. I love my first guitar that my mother gave me. I love my grandfather’s scarf and my other grandfather’s toolbox. I love that every one of these things has more value to me than they would have to almost anyone else.

Today I love that I am off to play at the Homemade Jam stage at Summerfolk42 and that it is, of course, raining. I love that I have never been to a Summerfolk festival that didn’t have some rainfall and that it is almost more of a tradition than the music. I love that as I write this it is pouring down rain outside my window and I’m hoping it will be all finished before I go to play, because I’ll be playing no matter what the weather does, I just hope no one sits in the rain just to listen to us.

I love breakfast at the market and that the Ontario peaches are ripe and that we bought two baskets of them and now we have to start eating them and since I love peaches I’m thinking that having to eat them is nice work if you can get it and I love that I got it. I love that we still have some bacon in the fridge, ’cause they ran out at the market before we got there. I love feeling snugly and warm when it’s cold and wet out. I love keeping dry in the rain. I love the smell of wet weather.

Today I love the warm and invigorating taste of coffee as I bring my head and body back to life on this damp and rainy day that has so many things to do in it.