Ready for bed?!??

Today I love holiday laziness as manifested by eating cold cereal breakfast and drinking two cups of coffee and THEN getting up to face the day. I love that I have to work this morning but that the approach to work is one of casual unconcern. I love that this blog is part of my work every day because who wouldn’t want to do this as work? It makes having to work a joy, and I love that I get to feel that way about what I do. I love that I will be working on another blog as a manager/editor/writer now on top of these ones I do here. I love that words are my tools and materials, that I have an unlimited supply of them, and that they can be used and shared from one job to the next. I’m really glad I have an unlimited supply of certain words, like “the” and “a” and “and,” and I’m especially glad I have an unlimited supply of “love.” What a sad and dull and lonely place this world and this life would be without all the “love.”

Today I love that I am off to play birthday golf with someone on their birthday. I love that we’ll be playing at one of my favorite courses in Wiarton because it isn’t actually in Wiarton but to the east of that pleasant little town and on the shore of Colpoy’s Bay in an area I have always loved and am growing to love even more these days. I love that I grew up on Cape Commodore between Colpoy’s Bay and Owen Sound Bay and these waters are a great part of my home. I love that we will be trying to visit my father in Wiarton if time permits, before going for Jamaican food there with friends.

Today I love that I have guitars all over the house. I love the Youtube. I love the sweetness of the hot and dusty August air. I love the motorcycle ride with my niece yesterday. I love the paddling we did last night in the dragon boat and that my boss from my other job at the came out with us onto the water. I love that we had twelve paddlers last night which was double last weeks roster and I’m hoping for twenty next week. I love that half of my home is water.

Today I love coffee in bed so much I may take my next cup of coffee and go back there.