acorn squash

Going to eat that soon …

Today I love funny stuff I write, especially when I’m writing serious things and I can get away with adding something silly and still be serious about it. I love that I get to write and that I get to support myself somewhat with that. I love that I have made a new decision about my next vehicle and it surprises even me. I love that, like all my decisions regarding vehicles, it’s liquid and may change again, but time grows short as the old truck grows longer in the tooth. I love that I still want a certain model of car, but I may put that off in order to continue to be able to do small jobs that my doctor would be less disproving of. I love that my doctor worries about me. I love that all my doctors worry about me. I love that all my doctors also approve of me living my life joyously, in fact, it was one of my doctors, my GP, that told me to do that, even offered to write me a prescription for it.

Today I love that I am almost done work as a writer for the day, then I get to be an editor for a short bit, then I get to be a publisher for a few minutes, then I get to be a baker and pie maker. I will likely be a contractor in the day somewhere as well, and a host, and a house cleaner and maybe even a musician. I love that bigger things are happening in my life right now than I could have expected a year ago, or even half a year ago. I love that a week doesn’t go by without me being on the water, or in it, and usually both, and I love the water.

Today I love spontaneous trips to look at toys and things. I love that there are a couple of things I’d like to get soon but that I’m okay waiting until I get the ones I want. I love plans to participate in new activities because I am the guy who loves adventures, especially quiet ones. Ha ha. I love adventures in the garden and finding things that will be good to eat soon. I love that I now look at everything as an adventure, even things I’m not looking forward to doing, because even if the adventure is just getting those things done, they get done.

Today I love sipping coffee while I write and edit and publish and bake.