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Today I Love Cooking Breakfast On The BBQ

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Mmmm, barbecue coffee …

Today I love cooking breakfast on the barbecue, or at least part of our breakfast there. I love being outside first thing in the morning in the rich, fast, slanting light of the sun as we speed our rotation towards the great nuclear reactor that was bequeathed to us by unmemorable time. I love how natural it feels to be outside, to know the day first hand, to see the cyclical turning over of the pages of natures calendar as she brings this flower’s bloom and that tree’s fruit out onto the stage of the theater for this sold out show of life for all its participants. I love the occasional brûlée pancake and the surprise that each breakfast offers when, even though we often cook the same things some days, they never turn out exactly the same twice … thank goodness. I love adventures for breakfast. I love the kitchen when it is a full on mess, even when I’d just cleaned it completely a day or three before, because that means it is being used, it tells a story, “people are cooking here, eating here, living here.” I love kitchens that foster and support home life and don’t just look like they were meant for show. I love that a good kitchen can be a mess and the love can still show, because a clean kitchen can sometimes be a show and not necessarily harbor any love.

Today I love that we are off to see my friends perform their music in an outdoor garden. I love that I’ve been toying with an idea of writing a short piece of whimsy that is kind of garden based. I love that there are several gardens around that allow you to tour them and that the one we’re off to today is one of those. I love that my world, or at least my little corner of it that most of my days occupy, is so fascinating. I love that I get to go out and explore so much of it and still keep my share of work and home happening well enough to be satisfied with all of my life. I love that plans for change don’t mean changing the overall sublime nature of my life and my world.

Today I love that my grandmother taught me to read and write when I was only four and that she and my grandfather, and my mother and father made me thirsty for words and their meanings and the ways that I can make them dance and sing where they weren’t expected but where they suddenly feel obviously comfortable and accomplished.

Today I love drinking coffee while I cook my half of the breakfast on the barbecue outdoors.

Today I Love Cooking Breakfast On The BBQ

Kelly Babcock

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