Coffee, and work, in bed …

Today I love all the Wednesday weather that has come our way already. I love that when I woke at five-thirty it was dark and dull, when the alarm went off at seven it was bright and sunny, when I awoke again at eight-ish it was pouring rain, and now that I’m pondering getting out of bed at nine the sun is shining again. I love that the sunlight was shining off the wet flagstones when I went to get a cup of coffee and my computer. I love that I brought both coffee and computer back to bed to write and that this is the second post I’ve written here under the covers. I love that there are plans for hearing music today at noon hour. I love that these holidays seem to be lasting forever, even as they race by in an alarming blur. I love that big news is coming because some big plans have worked out well. I love that there will always be changes in my life because if life isn’t changing, then I’m not really alive.

Today I love that I went swimming twice yesterday, once in the pool at the rec center where I managed to struggle along for over half a kilometer, and once in my beautiful Georgian Bay at Hibou Park. I love that I got to helm the Dragon Boat again last night, and though we didn’t go out on the bay, we went right up the river to the mill damn. I love that stalwart boat. I love that even when we are under-crewed, the paddlers who show up to crew our boat are determined and brave. I love that these are the people who show up because of their spirit and tenacity. I love that so many things in my life happen in or on the bay these days. I love that, having written this, I feel like getting up and going kayaking now.

Today I love Day Lily petals basted in oil and honey. I love the old hammock in the back yard. I love that I am determined to continue reading now that I’ve started again. I love watching movies on the spur of the moment. I love cold cereal for breakfast when the weather is warm and hot cereal for breakfast when the weather is cold. I love that I have almost enough guitars to have one in every room that I spend time in. I love the cool, delicious taste of cold water when I’m thirsty.

Today I love coffee in bed while I write.