garlic scapes as art


Today I love to play with words. Like when we were coming home from the market, I was laden down with stuff so I held the screen door open by bracing the flat of strawberries against it and I said I had it “berry-caded.” And when I was carrying some yarn around and told the yarn owner I had a yarn to spin for her. And when we arranged some greenery on a piece of paper so I could take this photo of a “Garlic-scape.” I love when words lend themselves to fun and laughter, I love that I prefer to use words to make people happy rather than to make them upset, although I’m not above dispensing a little verbal justice now and then. I love the way words seem to lend themselves to play. It’s almost as if they are encouraging us to have fun. I love that I could easily be persuaded that words have hopes and desires and wishes for chances to be the bearers of joy and happiness, that they are trying their hardest to enjoy themselves and have us enjoy ourselves and them as well. I love that I get to build my world with words.

Today I love that I was downtown at the Hottest Street Sale and I ran into someone who I thought had been playing on the main stage there and told them I was sorry I’d missed their set and, although they agreed with me that that was too bad, when I got to the main stage the person I thought I had been talking to was on stage playing, so I love that whoever it was I was talking to is probably having a great laugh right now. I love that I know so many musicians. I love that I’m hosting the open stage show at 4PM, I love that there are people getting ready to show up there and I’m going to get to introduce some really great musician friends this afternoon, and we get to play.

Today I love Syrian take out food from the market. I love big bags of yarn that make a knitter I know smile. I love that there are clouds that look like dragons and they show up when you need to be reminded that magic is real, just way more subtle than you might have thought it to be.

Today I love sipping coffee and contemplating the subtleties of a garlic-scape.