rippled clouds

Curdled skies …

Today I love this iffy weather that looks like it could go either way. I love the rain and I love the sun and I love when the day can’t seem to decide, so bring it on, Thursday, I’m prepared to love you no matter the circumstances of your weathery wardrobe. I love the clouds that are sailing by. I love them when they look like ripples in a bowl of water, which is kind of what they are. I love them when they look like milk gone off a bit, I love curdled skies.

I love that cutting the grass is on my to-do list because I love the smell of fresh cut grass and I love the meditative mind that it takes to do that. There is something very Zen about mowing the lawn, if you let the task just happen it can be fulfilling and restful if you strike just the right mood. I love that cutting the grass is definitely one of those jobs that may look intimidating, but it shows progress with every circle of the yard, you can see where you’ve been and where you have yet to go, and you can compare it to what it looked like just a moment or two ago. I love that our yard responds well to being weeded, though part of its response is to grow more weeds. I love that the “lawn” is green but full of all kinds of different plants that feed bees and don’t brown out when there’s no rain I love being out in the yard. I love that last night was the perfect night for lying in the hammock and reading in the waning light of a summery day.

Today I love that there are things happening down town and that the main street is closed to traffic and open to pedestrians and it’s been that way all week, and we’re hoping to finally get down there to see it today. I love that there is an open mic being hosted by Orchestra North and I can’t wait to see that one because, what even is an orchestral open mic??? Wow! I love that the next two weeks and more are very busy, and that’s the way summer should be. I love that there will be a crazy flotilla of kayaks and canoes in our harbor this Sunday and we’ll be part of that if everything goes well.

Today I love fueling up with coffee under a curdled sky, getting ready to mow the lawn.