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Today I Love This Cooler Weather

Coffee and a doughnut
Coffee and a doughnut, Yes!

Today I love this cooler weather that makes me remember summer in other places like Newfoundland. I love the peacefulness of a soft damp day. I love when the sky is a solid grey and there is no giant constructions or edges or areas to it, only color differences from one edge to another to show that it is not just a smothering blanket, but a drifting mass of moisture that is part of the cyclical pulsing of the earths life systems. I love the sounds of my neighborhood, hard to believe it was new to me less than a year ago. I love the tenacity of thistles that seem to be everywhere this year. I love how every time I pull out twenty of them there are twelve more growing in a week. I love how things grow voluntarily, or at least so determinedly that there seems to be no stopping them. I love how trees grow, if planted straight they wander off to one side, but if found on the side of a bluff they turn straight up and seemingly never vary from charging straight up perpendicular to level.

Today I love donuts with my coffee. I love that there were a couple with raisins in them and no one seemed to care for them much so I got to eat them, meaning I still got to have donuts when all the other donuts were gone. I love breakfasts with lots of people when there are lots of things to eat. I love that uncle Peter introduced us to a new type of precooked food for lunch that he is really fond of and we will definitely be doing that again. I love that I have been eyeing barbecues for sale lately and though my own is more than we need for just us and perfectly adequate for having company, these other barbecues are looking pretty tempting. I love that I haven’t seen one that is something I have to have yet and I love that I may get bored with looking at them before I end up buying one and selling the one we have.

Today I love fresh peaches cut into oatmeal that already had blueberries and pineapple in it, wow! I love that it might be raining right now or it might not be, it’s hard to tell even though I’m out on the front porch. I love that I can tell by the different shades of cloud that they are racing down from the north, though we only have gentle puffs of soft breaths of wind here at ground level.

Today I love hot coffee and donuts to keep me company while I write.

Today I Love This Cooler Weather

Kelly Babcock

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