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Today I Love The Regulars

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Today I love the regulars at every café and doughnut shop and local pub. I love Wednesdays in the café I use as my Wednesday office. I love that it has become a part of my weekly routine. I love that I miss it when we spend a week away, but not enough that I don’t want to go on holidays. I love that next week we go on holidays. I love that there are no plans for those holidays … well, no set plans other than a couple of things that have been scheduled for a couple of the days. I love that we have a list of things we’ve been wanting to do and we’re hoping to cross some of those off. I love that we’re also hoping to make some changes that will make life more interesting in the future and if they come about they might make my “Today I Love” posts even more … “Today I Lovey???” just because those changes will be pretty amazing for me if they happen. I love how exciting contemplating changes can be. I love that I get to be part of making plans and watching to see if they turn out. I love how we will often stop what we are doing, assess what’s going on, figure out where we want to be, decide what needs to be done to get there, and then go back to working on living life with the new criteria as our newest plan.

Today I love that last night there was an awesome boat full of crew and they were determined to have a good time. I love how much some of the paddlers are into what they’re doing. I love how determined everyone is to enjoy the water and the boat and the adventure of being in the heart of the city but in a place where others rarely go with a view that others rarely see. I love that we took the boat to the edge of the harbor and I would have gone out into the bay last night, but the chop, though shallow, was strong and determined, and so we turned in the shelter of the quayside and roamed back up the harbor under the watchful eyes of cormorants and gulls. I love being out in the Dragon Boat.

Today I love glasses that fit well. I love the new lenses that I can get that are less than half as thick as the old ones I used to have. I love that I have tried contacts and I love wearing them, though at this point I still need reading glasses for close-up work. I love how much more I can see with these new glasses and even more when I wear contacts instead. I love that, rather than making me look younger, contacts actually make me look older because glasses hide the rings around my eyes. I love looking old and wise, so I love that I can do that with glasses or contacts … ha ha.

Today I love coffee in the satellite office.

Today I Love The Regulars

Kelly Babcock

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