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Today I Love The Quiet Day After

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Couch fireworks …

Today I love the quiet day after our celebration. I love that this morning has been filled with people saying goodbyes, clearing and packing up the places they were staying, finding breakfast before they hit the road, sorting out who gets to take what from the houses and hostels and cottages that were rented. I love that last night we were just minutes from where the fireworks were to be held, but realized that our idea of celebration was to watch them on TV and not be in the crush of people walking across the river to find their cars, so we spent the day and some of the evening in Ottawa and Gatineau proper, then retreated to our rented house and watched the fireworks from the vantage of the couch, with our feet up, with drinks and coffee. I love the bursting pride that surrounded us when we were in the capital yesterday, I love that whenever two people bumped into each other, no matter whose fault it was, they would both apologize, the winner being the one who got to say it first. I love how Canadian that is.

Today I Love being on the road home. I love that we’ll be taking our time, that we’re stopping in cottage country for a night, that I remember this area reasonably well and am reintroducing myself to my world after a few years of being somewhat of a hermit. I love that I am sitting on a shore by a lake as I finish this post and enjoying the sweet, warm, fresh breeze as it comes off of the lake. I love that the water in this lake is still fresh and cool, but not too cool for swimming, and I think there’s a possibility that we’re going to be swimming in that water before we hit the road home tomorrow. I love cottage life, even when I get less than twenty-four hours of it.

Today I love poutine made in Quebec, or at least made close to Quebec. I love that the memories of this past week and weekend will be ones I treasure now for a long time, it isn’t every day that your nation turns 150 years old. I love long drives on old highways. I love that my diet now contains much more fish, for health reasons, and since I love fish, that’s all good. I love finding out that things I love are now going into my life because they’re good for me.

Today I love sipping coffee in the evening while watching fireworks from the B&B we stayed in.

Today I Love The Quiet Day After

Kelly Babcock

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