Me and a few of the paddlers on the river today …

Today I love the good kind of tired that comes from having participated in an event that was both fun and good for my community. I love that we paddled five miles up the main river through town to our beautiful Harrison Park and back. I love that there was a flotilla of at least fifty canoes, kayaks, and row boats. I love that I am more determined to be on the water than I’ve ever been in my life. I love that I feel so at home there. I love that even though I took on a couple of quarts of water at the portage I was still a happy paddler and since everything that shouldn’t get wet was in dry bags or containers, I just laughed at my little mishap. I love that I saw another huge turtle on the river, and a tree stump that I’d never noticed before under water. I love that there is a good chance that the river may now have a few more paddlers on it who had never been up that way before but now have. I love that I’m pretty sure we recruited another paddler for the dragon boat.

Today I love that yesterday we played the big stage at the Maawanji’iding Festival Canadiana and had a great time. I love that we got to share the stage with the Deer Devils who are a lot of fun to play with. I love that people stop me and ask me when and where I’m playing. I love that even when I’m on the water paddling people want to talk about music. I love this town and how much it loves music and feels comfortable talking with its musicians. This is the best little city for music, it grows on every corner, drips from every garden hose, is served at every restaurant, can be found on every park bench at any given moment.

Today I love mixed berry pie brought by relatives who just stopped in while passing through town. I love that supper has been planned out and we’ll soon be making it. I love new books to read. I love that my shoulders are aching from paddling. I love that I’m studying kayaks now and there’s so many things to consider. I love that we’re considering what features might make for better paddling, hoping to find just the right one (or two) to add to our collection.

Today I love sipping coffee in my kayak on the river with a whole bunch of paddlers around me, even if I couldn’t get a great picture.