coffee in the car

Road coffee (I’m not driving)

Today I love the future and the plans that now seem to be coming together to make it great. I love that I have set myself up to win by accepting that things may not go the way I hope. I love that a meme I read the other day sums up my approach to life perfectly, “When things go wrong, simply yell ‘Plot Twist!’ and move on.” I love how many times my looking closely at changes of direction that have been forced on me have revealed new advantages that I would otherwise have missed. I love that sometimes life shows you where you were supposed to be going, and it is beautiful. I love that the stormiest of days will often reward your endurance with the most wonderful sunsets and the firm promise of another day if you’ll just hang on.

I love that the car I want to buy may turn into another truck instead. I love that I’m not sure which way I want that to go, because the car I’m considering and the truck I’ve started to consider are both models that I have wanted for some time. I love that this would seem to be a “can’t lose” situation. I’ll keep you all posted. 😉 I love how small a situation this choosing of the next vehicle is in comparison to other plans that are slowly yet determinedly solidifying for me. I love that I am contemplating continuing my education and trying yet another occupation on top of all the things I already do. I love that just contemplating things like continuing education is more adventure than I expected to be engaged in at this time in my life, and yet now that I’m here, it’s only one of the adventures I’m on and not the biggest yet.

Today I love fresh fruit from the Farmers’ Market. I love talking about kayaking plans. I love music and water and sometimes think I need to write a song about water. I love that maybe I will someday. I love that we were gifted some fresh rolls at the market because the bread lady didn’t have enough bread for us today. I love spontaneous runs to the big city for dim sum with smiling cousins. I love that I’m quite happy to drive on major highways if I have to and I love even more that I normally don’t have to.

Today I love coffee on the road to the big city for dim sum with smiling cousins.