sun in fog

The northern sun gets set to steam clean the day

Today I love that ghostly northern sun and the way it slides quietly through the morning fog until it’s risen high enough to burn it all away. I love the sweet cool air in the shade of the western side of the house, it tastes almost as sweet as ice cream, and it’s nearly as cool as the air around an ice cream cone is too. I love memories of ice cream cones at road side stands when we would travel about as a family in our little Volkswagen bug. I love that people still do the punch-buggy thing, and I’ve even taken a hit to the shoulder myself when a random beetle came rolling over the horizon the other day. I love road trips, short ones and long ones. I love that there is almost nowhere you can head to around here without having to go around some kind of water, be it river, pond, lake or bay. I love that I seem to own three and a half boats, though the half one doesn’t float … yet, it’s still under construction. I love this day and its promise of warm summer weather.

Today I love how busy I am right now. I love that today I have work to do that is writing, work that isn’t writing, and play that isn’t writing but that might get written about, in fact it will get written about here. Today I have two blogs to write for, and some duct work to do, and some paddling or steering to do this evening in the venerable dragon boat. I love that I am keeping so busy, because if I don’t, I just get in trouble, since I can’t actually stop moving. I love that busy is one of the most apt descriptions of my life and it doesn’t look like that will be changing any time soon.

Today I love that there are thistles that are three feet high beside the front porch, where did they come from so quickly? Someone must have planted them when we were away. I love dried fruit in my oatmeal. I love that I have to go buy another tool today because the one I usually borrow is out of town on a job with its owner … yay, new tool! I love that I will soon be reorganizing the clutter in the garage so as to get all my tools together for Summerfolk folk festival construction. I love that it is coming up fast, even though it annoys me that it sort of means the end of summer holidays, at least for kids, since there’s usually only one week left before school starts after that.

Today I love sipping coffee as the stoked up sun steams away the last wisps of fog from this easy morning that just happened without anyone working at it.