Georgian Bay

My beautiful bay

Today I love swimming in my beautiful Georgian Bay, though the water is still pretty cool. I love that it is still as refreshing as it was when I was a child and that I only waded in to my waist before diving in (I used to just get my feet wet and then jump off the dock head first into the chilling water). I love that I did this by sneaking onto private property and that feels like my youth too. I love this old bay and its hundreds of miles of shoreline that change from shallow to deep, and from rocky to sandy to marl and then back again. I love that it has so many moods, peaceful and quiet one day and then wild and churning the next. I love that it paints its skies each morning and each evening with the colors and moods that make it famous. I love the way that the bay smells, the memories of fires on its shores, the summer days I spent lolling around on and in and near its waters. I love my beautiful blue bay.

Today I love that I have decided that I would like to go golfing more often. I also have decided that I’d like to go fishing more often as well. These are the things that come of being near the bay and the golf course at the same time. I love that both of those things are pastimes from days gone by for me and both of them are still well within my abilities, all I need is my fishing license renewed and my golf clubs cleaned up and I’m on my way. I love that I have no idea how I’m going to fit this in with my paddling and my traveling but dammit, I’m going to. Ha ha.

Today I love that we paid more for as potted strawberry plant then for a quart of strawberries and that we’ve gotten maybe a half cup of strawberries off of it so far but they have been the best tasting strawberries we’ve tasted all year and maybe ever. I love strawberries that have been charred on the grill. I love that every time I walk through the yard thinking I’ll just go look at the garden but not do anything to it because I have so many other things to do, I end up still in the garden ten minutes later with a mitt full of pulled weeds in my hand.

Today I love coffee and pie that warmed me up after swimming in my chilly but wonderful Georgian Bay.