sun, sky, cloud

Sunny summer days

Today I love sunny summer Tuesdays that feel like they could be Saturdays or Sundays. I love holidaying. I love road trips that work out well and fit the plans that were made. I love breakfast where everyone gets what they want. I love that even though we forgot to grab coffee to go from home, we were able to get reasonably decent coffee on the road. I love traveling with good people, competent navigators, happy souls. I love arriving at places where I’m expected, anticipated, welcomed. I love that there are children who think I’m fun, even if I’m old.I love that I don’t feel old, even though my birth certificate says I might be. I love when I suddenly remember that I have a passport. I still love how that makes me feel like I have a home, a place to return to, a country where I belong, when all I ever thought of when I applied for it was that it gave me the ability to leave.

Today I love playing in and on the water. I love that the day before yesterday we were swimming. I love that tonight we’ll be dragon boating. I love that the dragon boaters in my town are serious enough to love paddling, but not so serious as to be unable to enjoy adventure. I love that the weather looks good for maybe roaming out into the bay and up the coast a little. I love that the shoreline around my home is a coastline only by virtue of the fact that you could leave that shore via boat and end up in another country, given enough time and power.

Today I love orange juice and ice. I love barbecue for lunch. I love cars that work well when they are needed. I love that my old truck is still rolling. I love that I have some work coming up for it to do, summerfolk construction first and then some moving. I love that people seem to have stopped asking me to move things for them, possibly because my truck is so old. I love that I still offer when it’s people I like. I love that I am looking for a small car to replace my truck, but I apparently can be sidetracked by small trucks. I love that there will be some new-to-me mode of transportation in the driveway hopefully by the end of the year. I love that I’m pretty sure I’ve said that before, like last year, and maybe the year before. I love that if I’m still saying that next year, I’ll probably be alright with it.

Today I love coffee on the road while contemplating the sweet summer sun.