Adventure sunset on the road

Today I love spontaneous road trips to places I’ve never been before. I love that this fits perfectly with my new adventurous approach to living life joyously. I love that the open road is not too crowded today, that there is coffee in my travel mug, that I got to the Farmers’ Market for breakfast before we hit the road, and that it is Saturday. I love that we are heading away from Georgian Bay only because I love that we will be coming back to the bay when we come home. I love the winding, hilly roads of Southwestern Ontario, the sweetness of the air in the rural areas, the sudden glimpses of the diamond sparkle of water hidden away between the rolling wrinkles of land that are like gifts or treasures found.

Today I love my water surrounded home and community, even if I can’t see water from my home. I love that I live in such a beautiful area, I love all the lakes and bays and rocks and trees, the way my city wasn’t built over top of all that but settled down on it, allowing it to stick up through the urban mass. I love that I can paddle through the center of my city in a canoe or kayak, that I can bicycle or walk almost anywhere on trails and streets. I love that I can be so many places that are so breathtaking with just a short drive. I love the big Georgian Bay and the great Lake Huron, both of which I can get to in less than an hour.

Today I love that I am coming down from the double whammy high of having hosted the weekly Bleeding Carrot Open Mic and Coffee House and then was the Sweetgrass and Thistle Concert Series host for the Kincardine Scottish Fiddle Orchestra show last night. I love that even though doing those two shows wound me up pretty good, it only took three cups of coffee, two of them during the intermission of the second show and one when I got home at ten-thirty, to get me calmed down enough to sleep last night and I slept fairly well. I love that I got to work at music four different times the past seven days and got well paid for those times.

Today I love fresh coffee for the second half of the drive. Thanks, cousin Hilary.