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The very Thursdayishness of it all …

Today I love plotted days that are arranged in a way to help things work out to the best advantage. I love that no day is cast in stone, because surprises are the best way to learn. I love that the best way to look at problems is as opportunities, not because all problems are opportunities but because if we accept all problems as problems, we never look for the opportunities that they might be. I love the word mitigate and I adore the word mitigatory, and sometimes opportunities found on contemplation of a problem mitigate the negative aspects of that problem. Please, save me from a life free of problems. I love that this day is overwhelmingly overloaded with catch up work, that the laundry is piled up to my ears at least in my imagination, that the kitchen is reasonably up to date as far as dishes are concerned but the decks need swabbing badly, that there is luggage to unpack and stuff to be sorted from yesterday, last week, last month and even some things from last year still to do. I love that, if I’m lucky, I will get a little bit of each of those things done.

Today I love that it is Thursday and it feels like Thursday, so at least my week is back on track after having had a few days that all seemed like some day they weren’t, really, Mondays pretending to be Sundays, the whole pretense of Saturdayness that Tuesday was sporting all day. Thank goodness for Wednesday’s sanity is all I have to say, and that I loved the whole garbled mess that just passed by because that’s life and life is good. I love how days just even out as they disappear into the past, the hard ones, the soft ones, the ones that made us despair, all now draped in the same grey cloak of gone, and their lessons and their good times all standing independent of the days they were in, distancing themselves from those times as surely as we are distancing ourselves from the past with no choice but to follow the clock into the future.

Today I love accidental restaurant finds, even if I’m the only one who didn’t know it was there. I love decadent desserts. I love questioning my plans, it makes them defend themselves. I love changing plans because that makes me more aware that the plans are supposed to be making things better. I love that I am looking for improvements in life, not necessarily stability in direction. I love that there are new plans and old ones and many of them fit together … so far.

Today I love drinking coffee on a Thursday feeling Thursday morning.