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Wednesday office …

Today I love plans for music in places where music isn’t the norm. I love that we are having a festival celebrating our harbor this week and that on Saturday my little band will be playing and hosting an open mic for the city on the stage by the Marine Rail Museum on the harbor wall. I love that my town has so much talent just oozing out of the cracks in walls and sidewalks and everywhere, that I’m betting this open mic will be so full we might not get time to play much, that I’m still going to enjoy hosting and I’ll still make sure we get a song or six played for the people from our repertoire. I love that this is a harbor festival, ’cause man do I ever love the water around my home. I love the oddity of our harbor being an international port, even though it’s a small city. I love that there is a plan to assemble a flotilla of kayaks & canoes, and paddle from the west side boat launch up to the mill dam, portage around the dam and continue all the way to the park. I love that there will be a traffic jam at the park, ’cause there ain’t no way there’s enough room for all those kayaks to make a landing there.

Today I love that last night we cruised the inner bay and ran up both rivers past the first bridge on each with the dragon boat. I love being the helm on the dragon boat, it’s a lot of fun, and I love paddling too. I love when we have enough people to do drills, and I love when we are a little light on participants and we just play. I love that if the water goes down just enough on the smaller river I’m planning to get the boat up past the second bridge and maybe beyond the third. I love that the crew thinks I might be a little bit mad.

Today I love that I am in my Wednesday cafĂ© office, it’s been over a week since I was here last. I love that my plans for today are to get out and do some serious walking if I can get through my other work in time. I love that I walked many miles in Ottawa last week. I love that we did not eat beaver tails (no beavers are harmed in the making of Canadian Beaver Tails) in the capital, but are discussing eating them at Summerfolk this year.

Today I love drinking coffee while working furiously on my desk jobs on a lazy looking summer Wednesday.