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Today I Love People Who Stand Up For Strangers

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My view of the street where people meet

Today I love people who stand up for strangers. I love that I have experienced that. I love that I have taken that to heart and attempt to do as much myself whenever I’m aware of the opportunity to do so. I love that we are aware that there is a need for that, though I would love it better if there were no need for it. I love that there are people who see clearly that love is the most important thing there is, that by its very nature it cannot fight hatred but it will always subdue hatred when it is applied to any situation. I love people who love people. I love living in a world where, if you look at all, you cannot help but see love, a world where you have to learn hatred to practice it and that learning involves a course in being willfully blind. I love that as a lazy student, I have tried very hard to avoid putting any effort into learning hatred or blindness. I love that there are people who can rip the blinders off of others with a few well chosen words. I wish I were one of those people, because I love when love is shown to those who refused to see it.

Today I love that my shoulders and back are aching in a good way from yesterday’s activities. I love that I accomplished a lot yesterday, did some work, some writing, some paddling, some house cleaning, some garden weeding, some wheeling and dealing in high finance (well, a little bit of thinking about it at least). I love that, although the dragon boat didn’t go out due to lack of paddlers, we had our kayaks with us when we got to the launch and we just went out in those and then went swimming. I love that I have gone swimming two days in a row now and I’m pondering how to make it three.

Today I love blue skies. I love seeing little girls in sunny summer dresses that they are obviously proud of wearing. I love my rural urban area when it is in the throes of summer. I love multi-colored popsicles. I love unique children’s names that aren’t silly. I love silly nicknames. I love seeing friends meet on the street and fold each other up in their arms. I love cakes and squares and pies made with rhubarb.

Today I love drinking coffee while watching friends run into each other from my vantage point of my Wednesday café office.

Today I Love People Who Stand Up For Strangers

Kelly Babcock

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