Looking forward to my sunset years … when I get there.

Today I love people who live well. I hope that I am one of those. I love people who live their lives in order to not have to apologize or make excuses for their actions. I love people who realize that excuses are an indication that they need to change, because they are opening their eyes and their hearts and finding their way. I love people who look for adventure that can be had without hurting anyone or anything in their world. I love that our “adventures” are often just our attitude toward doing things that others might consider to be mundane. I love the grayness of this day, the pale hope it is sporting, the quiet, easy way it is settling on the world, moving in, taking over for a few hours, offering to bring rain this afternoon and a little light show this evening with lightning and thunder in true surround sound. I love every day, but the foggy ones are among my favorites, letting me drive with my eyes wide open, showing everything in my immediate vicinity in fairly sharp focus, with a stylized silver background to isolate it.

Today I love that I declined a great offer on a new e-reader yesterday because I don’t need more stuff. I love that I will regret that because I don’t technically have an e-reader and so I’ll be calling myself names, but I’ll only be calling myself names half-heartedly, because I still don’t need more stuff. I love that the deal will come on again, and again, and eventually I will give in, and then I’ll be calling myself names because I don’t need more stuff. I love that I can’t win, but still, I can’t lose.

Today I love rhubarb custard squares. I love strawberries that go on forever. I love science experiments in the kitchen that are supposed to make refreshing drinks. I love that at least one of us likes the result. I love brave people who stand up to be counted on the good side when they know that will mark them. I love that there is no end to the things I have to do in the summer, because if there was nothing to do then summer would be boring. I love that this year is half over and I’m still going. I love that I have more of them planned … years that is. I love that I keep telling people I’m in midlife, even though if that were true it would mean I was planning on living to be 116. I love that I’m planning on living to be 120.

Today I love sipping coffee in the Wednesday office and contemplating my declining years and what they might be like, so far into the future, ha ha.