It’s fog, but not quite fog …

Today I love old music I wrote because it is never “Oh, that.” It’s always either, “That’s awful!!!” or it’s “Wow, I can’t believe I wrote that!” … usually it’s the awful one. I love listening to old recordings of my friends from years ago, and comparing that to what they sound like now. I love that I love local music from my community so much and I love that I love so many genres and that there are such good examples of many of those here. I love that tonight I’ll be the hosting MC for the Kincardine Scottish Fiddle Orchestra’s show in the Saugeen Sweetgrass & Thistle Concert Series and I do so love fiddle music. I love how my community seems sometimes to be made entirely of music. I love music. I love the way it resonates in my soul, the way it vibrates with my life, the way it strengthens the beliefs I hold to be true, and the way it finds me when I’m low and picks me up and dusts me off and sends me on my way with my head up and a smile on my face, even when I’m still hurting.

Today I love the misty soft way this day is waffling between fog and rain and I hope it never decides which it is to be. I love that the fog is not so thick that it blocks sight dangerously, yet as rain it doesn’t seem to be falling, so much as it seems to be hanging in the air waiting for you to walk into it. I love odd days of strange construction, days that make you wonder as you wander through them. I love that weather can change its mood so much with just a little adjustment to temperature or humidity.

Today I love looking forward to the many possible plans I’ve made, and even though they may not all come to be reality, the thinking of them has been a pleasure and the realization that they are possible makes my world look pretty damned shiny and bright for the present. I love that my life has had enough downs that the ups seem pretty spectacular, and I suspect that they are pretty spectacular, but wouldn’t it be a shame if I did not realize that simply because I had nothing to compare it to? I love that adversity builds character and gives perspective at the same time.

Today I love drinking coffee while I ponder adversities in the foggy rainy wetness of this day of busyness.