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Today I Love Mare’s Tail Skies

Wispy mare’s tails

Today I love mare’s tail skies and the wonderful wistful wispy sights that they offer the unexpecting and unsuspecting eye if only one looks up. I love that I am led to daydreaming wonder often by the show the sky puts on for me, for us. I love clouds, thick and grey, or fat and fluffy and scudding or whimsical and misty like the ones I watched last night while admiring the music of the band we watched in the beautiful open air of the July evening. I love how many musicians I know to talk to and these ones were not exceptions. Sandra and Terry of My Sweet Patootie are two very talented musicians and two very friendly folks as well, taking time at the end of their show to chat with everyone who wanted to say hi. I love that they, like so many other musical groups here abouts, are the epitome of the music scene in this little city and its surrounding area.

Today I love bright sunny Monday mornings when the road is calling and we’re busy packing gear to go for a jaunt. That’s right, we’re off on another adventure and I love how excited we are just to have the time to do that. It really is the little things in life that make it worth the love and make the love worth living. I love my stainless steel travel mug that seals up so tight between sips that it can be turned upside down and never leak. I love that it holds two cups of coffee and will keep that coffee hot for hours. I love that I can fill it at home and it will last me almost ninety minutes on the road, and that the only thing better than my stainless steel coffee mug that I could imagine … would be two of them to get me three hours down the road before I’d have to think about stopping to refill them.

Today I love sweet summer air with all the scents of warm weather drifting through the open windows of the car as we ease on down the road to our latest adventure. I love fresh strawberries and peaches and apricots on my oatmeal, because I’m a Scot at heart, but a citizen of the world in practice.

Today I love sipping coffee on the open road with the wind blowing through the cabin and the beautiful blue sky that might even give us a few more mare’s tails to be in awe of.

Today I Love Mare’s Tail Skies

Kelly Babcock

I was born in the city of Toronto in 1959, but moved when I was in my fourth year of life. I was raised and educated in a rural setting, growing up in a manner I like to refer to as free range. I live in an area where my family history stretches back 6 or more generations. I was diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 50 and have been both struggling with the new reality and using my discoveries to make my life better. I write two blogs here at Psych Central, one about having ADHD and one that is a daily positive affirmation that acts as an example of finding the good in as much of my life as I possibly can.

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