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Write by the garden of peas

Today I love having company visit for a few days from far off lands. I love that they will appear to be three but in actuality will be four, because one of them is expecting. I love that the nine months before birth is a free ride, but it all adds up after that, baby! I love that we are racking our brains trying to think of the absolute best things here to show them in their whirlwind three day visit with us, not trying to think of things, trying to figure out how many we can cram in because there is so much awesome here and we don’t want them to miss anything. I love that showing guests around is the best excuse to bail on work and errands and chores, and just spend time enjoying our city community and our extended county communities. I love that we are trying to figure out which direction to go first, living on the edge of water at the bottom of a bay means you can’t just go one way and then circle around to get to the other part, unless you do the ten hour trip around the bay itself and take the ferry back … hmmmm, maybe ….

Today I love that my father is in stable condition and grumbling about having to stay in the hospital.

Today I love that our garden is a peas-ful place, I love that I had help coming up with that one. I love that sometimes minds work in sync and sometimes not, but then sometimes they work in tandem, side by side, each on a different trail but both going the same direction and to the same destination.

Today I love that it is Friday. I love all the great things Friday brings. I love that I have a house to clean before the company comes, ’cause that will help me keep from getting overly excited. I love that I have to write today, love how I get to take all the words out of the toolbox and line them up. I love that the word toolbox seems to never run out. I love that I get to visit my father today, I just have time, I think, to tear over to his town and poke my head in the door of his room and say “Hey, old man, are you behaving?” before I have to tear back home to clean house and then tear off to the Bleeding Carrot for the open mic this afternoon. I’m just a tear-er today, and I love that.

Today I love sipping coffee in the peas-ful garden, here beside the word toolbox as I get the first part of my day completed.