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Today I Love Family Reunions

Pie and coffee and family …

Today I love family reunions. I love that I was at a spontaneous sort of family reunion yesterday and that, although it was not my family, so many of them went out of their way to engage me and welcome me and make me feel like family that I felt that there could be no better way for me to get ready for my own family reunion. I love that that is on for today. I love that my own family reunion has been going on for over fifty years and I have quite possibly been to every one of them. I love that I know I will be able to see my mother and my grandmother and grandfather standing chatting together out of the corner of my eye, for they will be there if only in my memories. I love that this reunion brings my mother back to life more so than my memories on most other days of the year. I love that the memories come marching out of the past and flow by my minds eye like the grandest of parades. I love that all I have to do is think about this day’s warm and sublime nature and I am filled with peace and contentment.

Today I love that there were two rhubarb custard pies made for this weekend, one went to yesterday’s gathering and the other will be going with us to today’s and even though I didn’t have time to make the pie crusts myself, I did make the pies and I’m proud of that. I regret that I did not make Cream Crowdie for the gathering this year, but I love that the recipe for that is in my recipe box, written out in my mothers flowing cursive and waiting for next year’s reunion or the next time I need to make a dessert that is simple and healthy (cough cough) and made mostly from heavy cream.

Today I love that there have been years when I have followed the path of my grandfather’s old Pontiac from Kemble, the little village of my childhood and his, winding through town and into the park just to get to the reunion, even though to do so took me ten miles out of my way and added twenty miles to the trip. I love that, though I will not do that today in real life, I have already driven that road in my mind twice this morning and will do so again as I sit behind the wheel to head to the park in an hour or so. I love that this day is full of so much love and that I have to think not at all to find something I love for here. I love my friends, new and old, but friends who are family are what this day is about and that makes me feel grand.

Today I love one last cup of coffee before I head out to the wonderful old stone gathering house in the middle of the park to meet with all the people and ghosts of my family’s love.

Today I Love Family Reunions

Kelly Babcock

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