fruit coffee

Sunny summer Sunday kitchen

Today I love early morning warmth that promises a truly summer day of heat and humidity. I love that this day is supposed to break down into rain again which should keep the heat from getting too oppressive. I love the calm sweet feel of summer Sundays. I love the aura of something inexplicable in the day. I love the oddness of some people working and some not and families hoping for someone maybe being able to get off work early to join the rest. I love the feeling of family as company and I love plans to go see things that are local, sights  that are there all the time but are made special just by the plans. I love the holiday feeling that can happen just because of one person being free to join others for a day. I love the closeness that can be felt just in the happiness of groups. I love how happy children can be when someone pays attention to them as if they had something important to say or do or show, because, of course they do. I love the awe that children view the world with, and I love to try to remember that awe and bring it along with me when I go out into the world as well.

Today I love that there are plans to maybe go swimming, well, perhaps plans is a strong word, there are hopes being wielded with intent toward the possibility of going swimming and if those hopes turn into plans and those plans come to fruition, I’ll be among the happy ones in the water. I love the water, I love being on it or in it or even having it nearby. I love that there are also plans to go listen to a free concert tonight. I love the way the day’s possible activities just seem to fall into place and offer themselves as potentials and all we need do is pick the best of them.

Today I love fresh fruit in the kitchen. I love long drives that end with everyone being happy. I love the wonderful way that plans change from one day to the next. I love contact lenses when I have them on and my glasses when I don’t have contacts in my eyes. I love that choosing between them makes me appreciate my eyesight even more than I did before.

Today I love coffee waiting for me in the kitchen.