cottage view

The view from the cottage …

Today I love cottage life, and even though we just arrived late yesterday and we’ll be heading home this afternoon, we’ve already been swimming in an Ontario lake and kayaking in a lake today and we may just be getting back into the water at least one more time before we go. I love that, even though I am aware that we have done nothing to help, it is certainly relaxing at the cottage. I love that we circumnavigated several islands in the kayak, and that we went out last night in the powerboat to see an on the lake display of fireworks. I love that we barbecued sausages for lunch and ate at a picnic table by the lake. I love that we watched the police on the lake checking to make sure people had the things they need to avoid having a disappointing outing in their boat. I love that there is a toddler here who is very vocal but doesn’t speak English, and she insists on telling me things that I don’t understand and she probably thinks I’m not very bright and she’s probably not too far wrong in that, at least about some things.

Today I love long road trips that are broken up into segments. I love sleeping in and waking up to the noise of a coffee grinder. I love that the plan is to drive through an area that I used to be somewhat familiar with and see if it has changed much. I love that where I live the rocks are grey, but here in lake country the rock cuts go through brilliantly colored granite with flecks of silver and gold, mica and dolomite. I love the rocks and boulders here some that are larger than houses, some that are larger than skyscrapers and some that are larger than cities or even small countries.

Today I love the water in the sunlight. I love poutine. I love people who share their homes. I love that I have my pleasure craft operators card, ’cause that’s a cool thing to have, along with my marine radio ticket and my Power Squadron certification. I love being on the water and in the water, not necessarily doing both as part of the same activity. I love good strawberry jam. I love hostas in bloom. I love the thoughts of getting my boat readied and back on the water.

Today I love the espresso coffee that I was lucky enough to have partaken of here at the cottage of the day.