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Today I Love Canadian Healthcare

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Mmmmmmm … Coffee!

Today I love Canadian healthcare that allows me to have a scope in order to verify my state of health before it becomes a problem (hopefully). I love that I get such a kick out of coming out from under anesthetics. I love that I was trying diligently to deduce where I was and what was going on, like my brain was rebooting and it hadn’t loaded all my memories into RAM from the backup on the hard drive. I love that my throat seems fine after being “scoped” and that I’ll be at the Carrot doing my usual best to host the open mic again this week. I love that my biggest fear of this day’s work was being unable to host the big show at Saugeen tomorrow night and worse yet, possibly having to miss it, because my biggest fear has now become my grandest delight and I will in fact be there to host and to do my part and to hear my dear friends perform their amazing music. I love that I know so many of their songs and that each time they start to sing something I immediately recognize it and say, “Oh, this one’s my favorite” about each one of them.

Today I love how great coffee tastes when I’ve not been allowed to consume anything for eight hours and though I slept through most of that, I can assure you it was a rough morning and that first cup of hospital cafeteria coffee was wonderful. I love that I have plans to spend time outdoors over the next two weeks even though I have a couple more healthcare appointment thingies to deal with yet. I love that of all the things that a person who sings doesn’t need problems with, lungs and throat are at the top of the list, and those are my problems yet I do not stop singing and the problems can’t seem to shut me up yet. I love that I am determined to keep talking and singing for as long as I can, and if I have my way that means I’m only half done with my voice.

Today I love taking a day off work. I love that there are people around me who care. I love talking with friends who are having their own adventures. I love that people are happy about my travels lately. I love that my father is out of the hospital again and still quite a going concern. I love that I will be on the water again soon because I have decided I will be. I love that there are plans for a motorcycle ride this weekend.

Today I love this current cup of coffee almost as much as that first one. Even though this one is much better made, that first one was truly delicious.

Today I Love Canadian Healthcare

Kelly Babcock

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