laziboy, coffee

Comfy coffee

Today I love being home again. I love my big ol’ comfy chair. How I have missed that funky old plaid thing this last week. I love spending time writing in it. I love that my writing from the past tells me that around this time four years ago I first tore my back up and ended up working from this chair instead of writing at my desk and I have never looked back from that, spending time in comfy places on my keyboard instead of sitting up at a flat, hard surface. I love that I landed softly in that particular chair four years ago and am still working that way. I love that I am writing in it right now. I love that the windows are open and the summer is whispering through the screens. I love that there was a quick tour of the garden this morning and so much has changed, so many things have grown while we were away. I love that the peas are climbing the trellis, that the tomatoes have set fruit, that the spinach is looking lovely, that there will be fennel after all, and that the little strawberry plant in the pot is producing almost enough fruit to snack on.

Today I love that there is laundry on the go, things already put away, groceries to be bought, good fresh coffee in my cup, happy birds chirping everywhere, and we are home where we belong when we are not wandering and adventuring. I love that tonight is Dragon Boating night and that hopefully we will get enough paddlers out to tour the inner bay or one of our rivers for a little bit. I love that there are people who have found out about our dragon boat and have come out to paddle and discovered how much they enjoy the activity and the social aspect of working as a team with a group of people who love the water and the casual exercise of making a boat go. I love that people on the shore often wave at us. I love picturing what we must look like going by.

Today I love easing back into the natural rhythm of life. I love playing catch-up with all the things that didn’t get done while we were away. I love that today is a very busy one. I love warm, freshly picked strawberries from our own plants. I love looking at big plans and finding ways to make them work.

Today I love coffee in the big ol’ comfy chair while contemplating this morning’s garden tour.