The quiet explosion

Today I love that the garden is exploding with food. I love that there are two kinds of peas out there, and yellow zucchini, and the always present strawberries growing. I love that we are getting two to four strawberries a day, and that’s totally worth the price of the plant. I love the amazing burst of taste from the little red jewels that we pick from that plant. I love that yesterday we visited our secret blackberry canes and feasted on the two handfuls of berries that we picked as our dessert after a deli lunch. I love that there will also be beans in the garden, I’ve been missing home grown beans too. I love that the garden gets visited every morning by at least one of us to check on its progress. I love how it makes me feel. I love that I can have that feeling even though it clearly comes from my childhood in the gardens of my extended family … how did they manage to have a hand in this garden planted well after they had departed this earth? I love that they are still here in the spirit of the garden.

Today I love being connected to everything in this world by the existence of my place in this world. I love that I cannot reach out my hand without the effect being felt on the other side of this globe, even though we have nothing sensitive enough to measure that effect. I love that I am the king and ruler of my life, and that, like a good ruler I must make decisions wisely in order to minimize the negative impact I might have on all of the world that I hold dominion over. I love that this means placing a rock over a place where a rabbit wants to burrow in the yard, rather than trying to remove the rabbit. Dig your hole over by the fence, Mr. Bunny, I’d love that.

I love that I can buy something homemade at the Farmers’ Market and make the life of someone in my immediate community just a little bit better. I love that I still buy things from farther away because there is someone out there whose life will be a little bit better for my business and maybe more than one person. I love that those people are still in my community, they’re just in my larger community. I love that I got to go out paddling and steering on the dragon boat in Eugenia last night, what a grand crew to paddle with, and a great lake for a dragon boat to live on.

Today I love coffee in the garden, watching the long, slow, quiet explosion that is happening.