Canadian consumed coffee

Today I love being a Canadian. I love that to me it means being part of something that I’m hoping will be added to this area of the world, not something that will be used to overwrite what was already here. I love that I am part of a concert series this year that is focused on the fact that we are one community with many aspects worth being proud of. I love that the 150 year old Canada is a fresh, new part of this nation’s many thousands of years of tradition and history. I love that even though we’ve had a rough start and some embarrassing things in our past and especially some things that are wrong, we are searching for the right track now and heading in the right direction in order to have every aspect of this nation able to contribute to our greatness. I love that I have friends from so many beginnings that are part of my country’s past, present, and future.

Today I love that I have been called “rabidly Canadian” in my life, by my mother at one time and by others since. I love that my first motorcycle helmet was red and white and designed to look like the Canadian flag complete with the crimson leaf I hold so dear. I love that I am able to be proud of our peace keepers, and so many Canadian accomplishments that make the world a better place. I love debit cards, you’re welcome; the punch in handles on beer cases, you’re welcome; insulin, Superman, basketball, and snowmobiles, … you’re welcome. I love that as a Canadian I feel like I should apologize for being so proud of these and many other accomplishments of my country, but today I will not. I love that tomorrow I probably will.

Today I love maple syrup. I love beaver tails (it’s a thing, google it). I love my canoe and my kayak. I love saying “Eh!” in an ironic way. I love that I am in the Ottawa area for this birthday of this red and white nation of hope and determination. I love that I live in a country of such diversity. I love that my first nations friends seem to be so welcoming to me even though my ancestors embarrassingly never thought to ask if we could stay. I love my country and all of the people that belong to it and who claim it as their own.

Today I love drinking coffee that was grown in Kenya by Canadians and roasted and brewed here in Canada.