maple in the wind

Interpretive dance by a maple

Today I love whispering maples that call to me from the past and remind me of the century old trees that lined our pasture fields when I was a youth and teenager. I love the way they excitedly wave their limbs to warn of weather in the windy seasons. I love the maple tree here on my street that whispers through the open window in the early morning to remind me that there is a long lifetime of good things to be thankful for, memories from the past and memories yet to be made. I love how trees can seem so lively and spirited, how they can have personalities, how they can infuse a life with contentment and hope and ease. I love that trees are so tenacious, springing up in so many locations, clinging to precarious places, working diligently to claim as much land as they can. I love that they offer shelter from the sun and seem to happily share their solitude with anyone who happens along. I love that I have known some trees that, in a culture that might seem to be pretty homogeneous, were able to distinguish themselves.

Today I love eating on the deck. I love that we had company last night for a barbecue and that we ate first breakfast there this morning. I love the outdoors this time of year, though it’s a bit warm right now, considering it isn’t summer yet, but I know there are people among my friends who love the heat and crave it. I love that yesterday we went on our longest kayak paddle yet. I love that today I feel like I’ve paddle twenty miles, though I’m pretty sure it was more like three. I love that we decided to go for a swim yesterday in the middle of our paddle, but got only as far as wading in to our waists when we decided that maybe the water was too cold for actual, head under the water swimming, so we settled for the wading and then went back to paddling. I love that we were refreshed as much by the wading as we’d hoped to be by the swimming.

Today I love grilled mangoes, fried diced apples, whipped cream, pancakes made using an old family recipe, and discount steak. I love dogs that just have to squirm and stretch and wriggle on the grass, especially if they are huge big “serious” breeds like Shepherds. I love that I have seen some fierce defenses mounted by tiny birds in the last few days, several against crows, one against a pair of Canada Geese, and one against a squirrel.

Today I love quaffing coffee in the front yard while listening to the whisper of the windy maple’s dance.