Bienvenue a la belle province … again

Today I love weddings and that yesterday was all about two people getting married. I love that when I got on to the Facebook this morning, a friend was announcing her engagement that had happened last night while I was at the reception. I love that although this friend and I have never met IRL (as the kids say), I felt warmed by the announcement and the joy in her words. Congrats, Elizabeth T. I love people who discover that their way leads along a path that someone else is already walking and that someone turns out to be the person they needed in their life, and then that person discovers that they have that same need for the other as well. I love people who manage to muddle their way through the whole string of conversation that leads to admitting to those needs and loves, ’cause, man, that is a hard thing to do, to put yourself out there like that.

Today I love adventures in big cities, so today we are heading into the heart of the city of international renown, Montreal. Well, we’re going to try, but man is it hot. If we don’t come down from the mountain, send rescuers with Saint Bernards with ice water, ‘kay? I love that we took so long to get here because we were seeing the sights along the way and now we’re going to savor the destination, relish the culture and the ambiance. I love my beautiful country where you can drive sometimes as little as twenty minutes and it looks like you’re on a different planet, and I love the diversity of the provinces in my country and especially the diversity of the people. I love that last night at the wedding there were people speaking at least five different languages and everyone knew that the topic of the night was love.

Today I love that there were no reports of tornadoes back home though there were warnings. I love that rain makes for good gardens. I love rain when there is a need for quiet thought, because the symphony of rain is the perfect accompaniment for a good long thought solo. I love wooden porches in the rain. I love rain playing tympani on steel roofs and tom-toms on mail boxes and snare on tree and plant leaves. I love the percussion of rain, the crescendo of thunder, the escalating strings of the wind as it howls. I love rain and storms.

Today I love coffee while I sit in the sunshine of Montreal and dream rainy dreams of home.