It’s in you to give …

Today I love the wonders of health care that allow blood to be taken from one human being and given to another in order to save their life or to lower the risk of illness for them. I love that I have friends who have done this so very often that it is like a habit for them. I love that last night I was able to do the same thing, for the first time. I love that, although I have threatened to do this for many years, I have finally managed to not have anything else on the go. I love that we had to rush to get there and just made it in time. I love the way my right arm seems to feel sore and bruised, ’cause they took the blood from my left arm so that’s a bit confusing (my right arm must be a little confused from the blood loss. Ha!). I love that so many people show up to give blood in my town when the blood donor clinic is on, I love that I had to go three different times to three different clinic dates to finally donate blood for the first time, because they are so thorough in their screening that they have satisfied themselves that my blood is worth the effort to draw, and that there will be more to come, ’cause it’s the right thing to do.

Today I love that I’m feeling ready to go golfing tomorrow, and I’m hoping my right arm will feel better for that. I think it’s actually hurting from sword fighting on the Wii, so I’ve retired undefeated from that activity. I love that I’ve been associated with the group that is holding tomorrow’s golf tournament for over twenty years and that it is a great charity.

Today I love that I have a whole lot of writing ahead of me, that I love to write and that I love words. I love that yesterday my mind was whirling with words like phlebotomist and exanguination, and I guess they’re still stirring in my brain this morning. I love that they will give you coffee at the blood donors’ clinic to help you re-hydrate because it turns out that nurses adhere to science and not the popular myths that claim that coffee is not the equivalent of a similar amount of water. Turns out it is the same, probably just because it is made from water, and the mild diuretic effect may make you feel like you’re losing more fluids, but you’re not. I love facts about coffee.

Today I love sipping coffee while contemplating blood donations and charity golf tournaments, good things to think about.