tree growing out of a rock

Tenacity in the city …

Today I love the sweet road home and the way it always seems to be just that little bit better than the road away from home, even though we willingly took that road three days ago to explore and adventure. I love that the adventures aren’t over with yet, that there are stops along the way home that we intend to make, that I am always ready to find something new to do when I am out and reconnoitering my world. I love that we are mostly on time at this point, but have no plans to be anywhere specific at any set time yet, except to meet up with others who are on this same mini holiday to exchange some things and say goodbye, so that makes the on time thing easy enough to accomplish. I love the casual holiday spirit that has pervaded this cross-country, weekend trip and the light and friendly way it has just unfolded.

Today I love examples of tenacious spirit that are anywhere and everywhere, easy enough to overlook if not watched for, but easily seen if sought. I love trees that grow from rocks, flowers that sprout in the cracks of the pavement, hearts that persist in the face of disapproval, wildlife that thrives where it can. I love the soul that seeks its fulfilling challenges and then deliberately pursues and engages those same challenges once found. I love people who know what aspects of their life are the important ones and cling to them with determination. I love the ones who know love and refuse to let it go. I love the light and casual conversations that use quiet words and random humor to say, ” … you are my heart’s desire and this is how I want my life to be, we two spirits laughing as we face all odds and refuse to let life beat us down without our accounting for ourselves to the best of our ability.”

Today I love that this is pride month. I love how love cannot be killed, how even when small battles break hearts and contaminate small pools of love, love endures and grows in other corners. I love when love flourishes in the light of day, in public places, regardless of who loves and whom they love. I love that love is more important than hate, and that love will always win.

Today I love coffee in steel cups as we hit the road and contemplate tenacity and its driving love of life.