Somewhere out there are some really good bagels …

Today I love the rainy garden at home. I love being returned to the front porch to write after a long and hot, nine-hundred mile weekend on the road. I love that we got all the driving done in two days and had two days to relax and enjoy the beauty of some of Montreal’s sights. I love that we got bagels and poutine there because hey, when in Rome … or Quebec as the case may be. I love that I met so many friendly people. I love that the man at the poutine shop tried hard to speak English to me and I tried hard to speak French to him and we were not good at this, but we were not ever going to give up and dammit, we got it all figured out. I love that I saw some pretty grand sights in Montreal, though we didn’t get around in that city as much as we did in Quebec city.

Today I love that I got some nice photos for my library. I love that I ended up packing two camera bodies just because I could, there’s no size restrictions for carry-on luggage in the car. I love that we took turns driving, and that I got to see some pretty great sights on the road. I love that, although I didn’t see it, a motorcycle was spotted on the Trans-Canada highway towing a trailer with bicycles on it. It must have been people on vacation who wanted to bicycle when they got where they were going, I guess. I love seeing, or hearing about unique and fun things.

Today I love that I have to wind down in a hurry because next week we’re going on another little trip. I love that there is so much to do over the next two to three weeks, a little gig to play, a bit of paddling to do, some more driving, some sights to see, a gala evening in the capital city of my country, a little birthday party for my country’s hundred-and-fiftieth anniversary of being called Canada, and just all kinds of little things and stuff. I love that I am still going even though I know I can’t stop if there’s something to be done that might be fun or adventurous. I love that the rain keeps falling while I write this. I love the sweet fresh scent of the newly washed air.

Today I love coffee on the front porch while I write and that as I finished writing and ran out of coffee, the rain stopped.