Escape to the cloudscape

Today I love the cloudscape that fills the sky now cleared of rain and storm, for this moment anyway. I love the ease with which some people move through their days and I love when I have a day that makes me feel like I could be one of those people. I love that last night I got some things done that were today’s tasks, and that today I’ve already gotten a bunch of stuff done on my big old list of things to do before the weekend starts. I love that we are making this weekend a long one by taking tomorrow off. I love that even when I take a day off, I still write “Today I Love” because it is such an integral part of my day and I don’t think I could miss that and still enjoy my day as much as I do. I love that writing “Today I Love” brings me as much joy as it brings to those who enjoy reading it. I love looking forward to this coming weekend and all the things that are scheduled loosely into place, but that we really want to do, all of them, every one. I love that part of the weekend will be spent driving a great deal, and it turns out I still love road trips.

Today I love practice with the band, that there are a couple of restaurants in the area that will hire musical acts and we’re looking into that, that we’ve been hired to run a “one time only” open mic for RiverFest in a little bit, and that we just love to be on stage. I love that when I’m on stage I feel like I’m standing around talking with friends and future friends, that it’s more like a kitchen party than a show, but that we always put our all into what we do because we enjoy it so much. I love that there is music in this world, what an astonishingly wondrous thing music is.

Today I love weeding flowerbeds, I love getting new dress shoes to replace the cheap ones that hurt my feet and were obviously packed away so deep in my storage that I fortunately cannot find them and I think that might have been done subconsciously, or maybe done consciously and then conveniently forgotten. I love this day and its potential to be the best day of my life. I love that if it is just a good day I’ll still be happy. I love that if it is a bad day, then it will be what makes the good ones shine.

Today I love slowly sipping coffee by the flowerbed I’m weeding in between admiring the ever changing cloudscape.