kale, fence, coffee

Kale in the sun …

Today I love that nothing has changed, and though that means no progress has been made, it also means that no regression has occurred. I love that I am happy still with my life and that is a great thing that I don’t ever want to take for granted. I love that moving forward isn’t always possible, but it is always potentially possible, so even when things stand still, there will come a time when they do not have to. I love that today is as good a day as it was supposed to be and it will do its best to remain so. I love that we are the sum of those who came before us and the interpretation of what they taught us and what they shared with us and it is up to us to pass those things on in the best way with our best interpretation. I love that those who have gone before us that we miss are missed because they were good people, that our missing them is the best compliment and the most respect we can offer them.

Today I love that it is Friday and that means the weekend is about to begin. I love that my weekends are full of open mics and farmers’ markets and water sports and fun plans and activities. I love that this weekend is “Doors Open” in my town and there will be lots to see and do. I love that I am determined to go paddling somewhere … anywhere, this weekend. I love my community and I love the rich and vibrant life it lives and shares with all of us. I love that there is history on every street, some of it very new and some of it much older. I love that there is history here in this land and that I have friends whose family goes back thousands of years here. I love that we are celebrating a century and a half of calling this place Canada, but that I know people who know where this country’s heart and soul came from and how it was forged, long before anyone thought to call this place a country. I love that our community’s heritage is so much richer than it appears on the shiny white surface.

Today I love getting my eyes tested and maybe getting a new pair of glasses as backup … ’cause I really don’t see very well without them. I love the way robins look like they are standing guard sometimes, like they have some very important job to do, and then they will suddenly flit off and pull a worm out of the ground. I love that the strawberries and kale (yuck) have been fenced in and so has the Brussels sprouts. I love that this day is such a brilliant, clear, and sunny day.

Today I love drinking coffee in the sunshine.